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You can spend another year NOT getting started with your book, keep struggling to find enough time to write, or keep wondering what it really entails to publish a nonfiction book.

Whatever is holding you back, this is your shortcut to know where to start, what the process looks like, and how to benefit the most from your book once it's published. We've simply made it easier than ever to know exactly what to expect and remove the barriers to getting started!

What’s in the 1$ book ?

The Rebel Method

The complete process from idea to published author, including why less than 1% ever finish their book, and the 3 strategies to write a high-quality book faster.

Common Mistakes

The most common mistakes aspiring authors make and how to avoid them, including the decision many authors make too late and that can significantly delay your project.

Maximising Profits

How to turn your book into a powerful lead generator, and what it takes to turn readers into buyers of your most profitable products and services.

Get the complete book for just $1 USD!

Who is the author?

Malene Bendtsen is the author of three nonfiction books, and a business strategist teaching experts, teachers, public speakers and other freedom seekers how to write, publish and market their nonfiction books.

She is the former CEO of a self publishing company covering Latin America and the editor of dozens of nonfiction books, which created significant business growth for the authors.

Malene is determined to find new ways for authors to connect with their audience and strategically use their books to build their businesses. As a publishing rebel and a knowledge liberator, there are no darlings she won’t kill to achieve that goal.

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